Materia addicted
Have someone ever told you that you may need to see a doctor for that Materia obsession you have?

"Maybe? But do I really care about other people’s approval? Materia means shinies, shinies mean money, money translates in more funds for Wutai so… I’m okay with others considering me a little obsesses with my precious babies."

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// So… hello there! I’m back with Yuffie and I already bothered a couple of people by asks but I’m still the old shy mun so…

if you want to rp or anything feel free to poke me anytime!

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Grab a marker and write something on my muse! ( Anywhere over my muse’s body. )

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Send me a “ø” and I’ll generate a number, your muse will receive one of the following from mine:
  1. A confession.
  2. A lengthy lecture.
  3. My muse for two nights.
  4. A night time cuddle coupon.
  5. A gift.
  6. A strip tease.
  7. A passionate kiss.
  8. A nose kiss.
  9. One day where they can do whatever they want to my muse.
  10. A date.
  11. A romantic night out.
  12. A girl’s/boy’s night out.
  13. My muse has to live out one fantasy for your muse.
  14. A hot make out session.
  15. A drink at the bar.
  16. A dinner made by my muse.
  17. A free trip to a carnival with my muse.

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♡(Can we say crack ship?)

You serious? A crack ship with the single hot guy she has around who  isn’t her ‘brother’ Leon or Mr. ‘Iseekmylight’ Strife?

Seal of approval here.

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Send me a “♡” if you want to ship our muses



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”.. bored.”

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"Need some cuddles, chocolate nd love. I don’t even ask for materia tonight…"

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// this should work. U_U





" I know you were expecting such a sexy chick to swoon and tell you how sexy you are but, hey dude, I’m the great ninja Yuffie I can’t fall for the first girl-looking man who happens to be around- ohohoh" she grinned and offered him one of her exaggerated laughs "Just kidding, pal, you know I love you anyway. We’re all war buddies here, big family and all." There was a short pause "If ya’ tell Cid I didn’t exclude him a huge stick will be needed indeed." Be honest, Vincent, you’re the one who’d love to have a huge stick to hit her…



"Sorry pal, every single soldier involved in Wutai’s fall is kinda my enemy and such, you know? I have to admit you’re kinda cool to be a soldier, you even got pointy hair and that’s cool- but you still owe me a I-don’t-even-know Materia. Buuut, ya’now, I’m sure we could find a deal. After all you don’t seem such a jerk, you were just unlucky enough to be born in not-Wutai." and she’s saying everything smiling cheerrfully. May everything be just a weird joke?

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// this should work. U_U

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